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 Wed Mar 31, 2010
Sunridge Gold Initiates Production Study On Asmara Project, Eritrea

 Sunridge Gold Corp. (SGC/TSX.V) announces that PEG Mining Consultants Inc. ("PEG") have been commissioned to conduct a Strategic Production Study (the "Study") of mining and processing options for the four known 100% owned mineral deposits on the Company's Asmara Project in Eritrea. The Study will serve as a roadmap for future engineering studies and will initially focus on the possibility of fast-tracking mining and direct shipping of a small, high-grade copper section of the Debarwa copper supergene zone where grades average between 15% to 20%. (See table below under Debarwa). This scenario may represent a low capital cost production opportunity which could generate near-term cash-flow for Sunridge.

The Strategic Production Study:

Sunridge has three mineral deposits on the Asmara Project that together contain Indicated resources of 1.28 billion pounds (580,000 tonnes) of copper, 2.5 billion pounds (1,130,000 tonnes) of zinc, 1.05 million ounces of gold and 31.8 million ounces of silver. In addition the Gupo Gold deposit contains 189,000 ounces of gold in the Inferred category (see resource details below). Given recent improvements in the understanding of the metallurgy at Debarwa, the Study will initially focus on fast-tracking part of the supergene copper zone at Debarwa into production and will then lead into further levels of engineering studies at Debarwa and the other three deposits in the form of scoping/pre-feasiblity/feasibility studies. Blue Coast Metallurgy Ltd. ("BCM") are working with PEG to determine the metallurgical compatibility of mineralization from each deposit and options for combining ore processing with the development of flowsheets.

Debarwa Copper-Gold-Zinc VMS Deposit:

The Debarwa deposit already has a shaft, headfame and two levels of underground working that were constructed by a previous company in the 1970s. In order to minimize initial capital costs the Study will examine the potential of using some or all of these facilities to fast-track operations at Debarwa by mining and direct shipping the high-grade copper material from a portion of the supergene zone. This zone contains 15% to 20% copper material (see below) within the larger overall supergene copper zone. The enriched copper zone is located approximately 40 meters below surface over a strike length of approximately 120 meters.

*Highlights of copper-gold intercepts in the copper supergene zone. Results from all these drill holes have been previously announced:

  • DEBD-005           20.36 % Cu, 2.18 g/t Au, and 103.73 g/t Ag over 13.00 meters.
  • DEBD-019           21.27 % Cu, 2.29 g/t Au, and 90.51 g/t Ag over 9.80 meters.
  • DEBR-008-D        20.18 % Cu, 3.43 g/t Au, and 67.10 g/t Ag over 6.00 meters.
  • DEBR-021-D        20.59 % Cu, 1.96 g/t Au, and 97.81 g/t Ag over 11.30 meters.
  • DEBR-022-D        19.31 % Cu, 5.80 g/t Au, and 85.27 g/t Ag over 7.0 meters.
  • DEBR-024-D        21.13 % Cu, 6.88 g/t Au, and 110.41 g/t Ag over 6.00 meters.
  • DEBR-036-D        20.87 % Cu, 1.99 g/t Au, and 92.63 g/t Ag over 11.00 meters.
  • DEBR-044-D        20.19 % Cu, 2.18 g/t Au, and 85.41 g/t Ag over 6.05 meters.

*These represent some of the best drill intercepts of the supergene zone at Debarwa and demonstrate the potential for direct shipment copper material. In total, approximately 120 drill holes have intercepted the supergene copper zone and of these approximately 38 intercepts have average copper intervals grades over 5 %.

The January 21, 2008 MSA Geoservices (Pty) Ltd. ("MSA") Indicated resource estimates for Debarwa are summarized as follows:

Debarwa - Indicated Resources 
Zone Cut Off K-tonnes Au g/t Ag g/t Cu% Zn%
Oxide+Transition 0.5 g/t Au 2,442 1.71 13.79 0.12 0.09
Supergene 1% Cu 1,336 1.54 33.87 5.36 0.08
Primary 1% Cu 699 0.87 22.31 2.53 3.23
Totals   4,478        

Emba Derho

An independent Preliminary Economic Assessment (the "PEA") study was completed by Wardrop, a Tetra Tech Company on the Emba Derho deposit in June 2009 (see NR 2009-04) which demonstrated the strong economics of the deposit. The base case IRR is 21.6% with 4 years payback on an estimated capital cost of US$331.8 million with sustaining capital of US$67.3 million. The base case NPV is estimated to be US$203.9 million at a 10% discount rate. The base case economics were based on five-year moving average metal prices which are considerably lower than current metal prices.

The October 2008 Wardrop Indicated resource estimates for Emba Derho are summarized as follows:

Zone Cut-off
Gold Oxide 0.2 g/t Au 3.51 0.06 0.04 0.84 5.14
0.5% Cu 38.425 1.02 0.99 0.18 9.31
1.0% Zn 20.545 0.28 2.35 0.39 12.13

The PEG study will examine the economics of a stand alone operation at Emba Derho but will also examine scenarios that include Adi Nefas and Gupo Gold and a separate scenario including Debarwa. Inclusion of material from the other deposits could have a positive impact on mining operations at Emba Derho through the addition of more material and or higher grade material.

Adi Nefas

The January 21, 2008 MSA resource estimates for Adi Nefas are summarized as follows:

Adi Nefas - Indicated Resources
Zone Cut Off K-tonnes Au g/t Ag g/t Cu% Zn%
Primary 2% Zn 2,727 2.85 99.30 1.39 8.38

The Adi Nefas high grade zinc-copper-gold deposit is located approximately 6 km east of Emba Derho.

Gupo Gold

Gupo Gold - Inferred Resources 
Tonnes Average Gold Grade g/t Ounces of Gold
1,965,000 2.99 189,000

The Gupo gold deposit is located 6 kilometers east of Emba Derho and could potentially be a low cost operation mined in conjunction with the Emba Derho gold cap.

Total Contained Metals

The total contained metal in NI43-101 "Indicated" category is as follows.

Asmara Project -- Total Contained Metal in Indicated Resources

Deposit M lbs Cu M lbs Zn K oz Au M oz Ag
Emba Derho 993 1902 580 20.1
Debarwa 203.6 57.0 219.8 3.0
Adi Nefas 83.7 503.6 250.0 8.7
Totals 1,280.3 2,462.6 1,049.8 31.8

Note: Contained metal estimates are rounded and remain subject to factors such as mining dilution and process recovery losses.

Qualified Person

Michael J. Hopley, President and Chief Executive Officer of Sunridge is the Qualified Person for Sunridge and the person responsible for preparation of the technical information contained in this news release.


Sunridge is a mineral exploration and development company focused on the acquisition, exploration, discovery and development of base and precious metal projects on the Asmara Project in Eritrea and exploration properties in Madagascar.

Sunridge has approximately 76 million shares outstanding and approximately $6.5 million in cash. Sunridge trades on the TSX Venture Exchange under the symbol SGC. For additional information on the Company and its projects please view the slide show on our website at or call Don Halliday or Greg Davis at the numbers listed below.


"Michael Hopley"
Michael Hopley, President and Chief Executive Officer

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