American Hartford Gold Review

American Hartford Gold Review 

Investing in paper assets, including stocks and bonds, is the heart of any retirement plan today. Several levels of risk accompany these investments, however. The best way to safeguard these investments is by diversifying across the portfolio. Many investors have diversified their portfolios with tangible assets, such as precious metals. Finding a precious metals dealer is the next logical step. Get to know a prominent dealer in the marketplace today. American Hartford Gold or AHG is a familiar name to many investors.

 Meet AHG

 AHG has been in business since 2015. The corporate offices reside in Los Angeles, California, but much of their business occurs through the website and their 800 number. Investors may recognize AHG’s name from features on Fox and Forbes Magazine. This company has an endorsement from Bill O’Reilly. Consumers who trust these news outlets and personalities may feel immediately comfortable with AHG.

 AHG offers an attractive inventory of both gold and silver. Investors click on these product tabs from the homepage. Each item has a detailed description and image. Be aware that AHG doesn’t add pricing to its products. Precious metals have fluid costs, which makes pricing a challenge on a website. AHG suggests calling their hotline to ask about current prices. Quotes can be locked in when investors commit to a purchase.

 Investors working with AHG typically want precious metals for their IRA or Individual Retirement Account. Take a single look at AHG’s inventory, and IRA-approved items are highlighted across the pages. 

 It’s important to note that AHG doesn’t offer gold IRA custodial or depository services. They sell precious metals and consult with investors about gold IRA accounts. AHG’s website does include a list of industry affiliates that can help investors with their retirement goals. Some of these names, including Equity Trust and the Delaware Depository, are highly regarded in their respective industries. Investors immediately recognize these companies, which helps with any trust issues as new customers.

 AHG offers detailed investment information, including precious metals charts and current news. Investors may want to browse through the website before moving ahead with any purchases. This information can be part of a broader research project as investors narrow down their choices.

 Understand Pricing

 The price of gold, silver, and other precious metals is constantly fluctuating. Correspondingly, AHG doesn’t add pricing to its products. Most items have a “call for pricing” advertisement associated with them.

 Investors should note that upon calling, they’ll be able to lock in a price when they commit to a purchase. Presumably, AHG emails a quote over to the investor for documentation purposes. Most precious metals costs include spot pricing and a reasonable markup for the dealer.

 AHG doesn’t post fees associated with gold IRAs, however. Each custodian will have their charges, such as account maintenance and wire costs. Ideally, investors should research these companies for their associated fees.

 This same scenario also applies to depository fees. Because AHG doesn’t physically store the precious metals, they don’t advertise these costs. It’s refreshing to see AHG’s policy on shipping precious metals. There are no shipping charges for items sent to an approved depository.

 AHG does require an initial purchase of $10,000 for any gold IRA activation. This amount may be too expensive for some investors, so be aware of this requirement before contacting AHG. Other precious metals dealers may have much lower requirements for their gold IRA accounts.

 Investors may want to read more about AHG before committing. This company does offer a free informational kit. Submit the contact form found on their website to receive this packet. AHG may contact the investor afterward to follow up on the inquiry.

 Learn About Gold IRA Storage

 Investing in precious metals requires a gold IRA and an approved depository. Otherwise, investors cannot gain tax incentives from the self-directed IRA. Paper assets must remain in a traditional IRA until retirement, for example. Gold IRAs operate similarly. They use precious metals or real estate as their assets of choice.

 Investors can liquidate the gold IRA when they reach age 59-1/2. Alternatively, they can also withdraw the items and store them at home. These two options make gold IRAs extremely attractive for investors who want to keep the gold for several generations.

 AHG only works with some of the top names in IRS-approved depositories in the nation. These facilities are highly secure and include 24-hour surveillance. Investors have no worries about their investments being lost or stolen at these depositories. The same cannot be said about storing gold or silver in a home safe.

 One aspect of storage that investors should consider is whether the investment is commingled or separate from others. Depositories usually offer either of these storage options. Commingling or mixing the precious metals with other customers’ savings produces a lower storage fee. Investors should be able to select a storage type based on their needs and budget. Every depository offers insurance on the deposits in both commingled or separate accounts. 

 In addition, every AHG shipment to a depository comes with included insurance. Any lost or damaged shipment can be replaced under AHG’s policy. It’s unclear if AHG offers insurance on smaller purchases across the website, however. Investors should call with their questions for any clarification.

 Sell Back to AHG

 Precious metals are tangible assets, which means they have inherent value regardless of economic circumstances. AHG recognizes this fact with its buyback commitment. If investors want to liquidate their gold or silver, AHG may buy it back. This company even advertises its “Buyback Commitment” on the homepage.

 AHG directs investors to call them about their particular items. Presumably, negotiations occur with a possible commitment at the end of the call. Most dealers will withhold payment until they receive the items for inspection. Investors should expect payment under the discussed terms.

 Keep in mind that this buyback process isn’t guaranteed. AHG reserves the right to decline certain goods. Previous clients, however, may be prioritized over others.

 It’s always a good idea to research buyback prices from multiple sources. Investors who may have received quotes from other dealers or pawn shops might be pleasantly surprised by AHG’s service. There’s no commitment during the phone call for a rough estimate.

 Investors should consider other costs too. For instance, AHG doesn’t charge any liquidation fees. Other businesses attach these fees to buyback transactions regularly. When investors look at every offer, AHG may win out as the most transparent choice.

 Activate a Gold IRA

 Starting a gold IRA with AHG begins with a phone call to their offices. During the call, AHG’s representative discusses investment goals and options with the investor. AHG sets up a gold IRA account at this point. 

 Investors submit a basic form with personal information and current IRA or 401(k) details. Remember that the minimum amount to open a gold IRA with AHG is $10,000. Compared to other dealers in the industry, this amount is minimal. Many other companies ask for $25,000 or more.

 The website points out that AHG doesn’t directly manage the account. Investors will work with Equity Trust Company, which is a self-directed IRA custodian. It’s unclear if investors can work with any other custodians, however. Equity Trust is the only brand mentioned on the website. Other dealers may offer more flexible options for investors’ custodians, so keep this fact in mind during negotiations. 

 With an activated account, investors choose how they want to fund the gold IRA. They can roll over part or all of their traditional IRA or 401(k), for instance. AHG assists investors with this process. Many financial professionals suggest that investors allocate up to 10 percent of their retirement funds to precious metals. It’s simply another way to diversify a portfolio.

 After two to three days, the funds should be available in the gold IRA. Investors work alongside AHG to purchase IRS-approved gold and silver. AHG locks in pricing at this point. 

 With payment, AHG ships the order directly to the chosen depository. Investors should receive a tracking number and receipt of their purchase. Unfortunately, no investor can take physical possession of their precious metals. They must store them until retirement.

 Withdrawing funds from the gold IRA before age 59-1/2 is subject to taxes and a 10-percent penalty fee. Investors can avoid this penalty if the withdrawal is necessary for medical expenses or higher education payments. There are other IRS-approved scenarios that investors can research too. Ideally, investors should consult with their tax expert before making any withdrawals. These penalties can quickly add up.

 Know About AHG’s Reputation

 Investors are understandably wary about investing substantial funds with the wrong company. There are plenty of industry scams today. The Internet is the perfect place to stage these illegal practices.

 However, AHG is not a scam. It’s a legitimate dealer in the precious metals industry. They even have a physical address advertised on the website. It’s unclear if there’s a showroom at this location, but a physical address suggests business stability. 

 AHG has been in business for nearly a decade. Investors can visit the Better Business Bureau website. They can read hundreds of reviews here. They’re mostly positive remarks, which reflects positively on AHG’s commitment to strong ethics. 

 Some negative remarks revolve around quoting discrepancies and transaction timetables. It appears that some investors are confused between the discussion prices and final costs. These scenarios may have resolutions with written documentation between AHG and the investors. It’s difficult to pinpoint fault in these cases, however. Business transactions will always have two perspectives.

 An established and successful business will always have some negative remarks. Investors should read the negative and positive remarks to get a clear picture of AHG’s business practices. Many negative remarks are often just misunderstandings. Any concerning patterns that emerge from the discrepancies may be red flags.

 Additionally, the BBB has accredited AHG for many years with an A+ rating. These accolades tell investors that AHG has a strong reputation. The business responds to many reviews to thank investors for the compliments or to resolve any issues. Other dealers don’t go this far to please the customer.

 Explore AHG’s Advantages and Disadvantages

 Every precious metals dealer has unique features to their inventory and services. AHG stands out as a dealer with repeat business over the years. Exploring AHG’s advantages and disadvantages in the industry can help investors with those financial decisions.

 a. Advantages

 • The “About Us” page is filled with detailed biographies. A business reflects its transparency by showing investors who are running the establishment. This human element drives accountability and trust between the client and AHG.

 • AHG’s current specials are generous. The latest specials include three years of no gold IRA fees and $5,000 in free silver. Presumably, there are offer limitations and exclusions, but they’re enticing nonetheless.

 • The website offers many articles about gold, silver, and investment options. Although investors can look at other information on the Internet, it’s helpful to have the data directly on AHG’s site. These discussions add value to their brand as a trusted resource.

 • AHG’s homepage offers a clever balance of information and intuitive links. Investors get a good idea of the dealer’s services at this point. Clicking on other tabs provides further details. Other dealers create a busy homepage, which can confuse some investors. 

 b. Disadvantages

 • The website offers no rough pricing. AHG doesn’t appear to have any precious metals spot pricing from the marketplace either. Although this pricing scenario is commonplace in the precious metals industry, it would make AHG stand out even more with a few prices added to their most popular products.

 • All transactions require a phone call to AHG. Some investors may perceive this fact as an advantage. However, many investors prefer a more hands-on approach to investments. A virtual cart and product pricing might improve access to these types of investors.

 • The “Market News” tab often lists pessimistic information. Fears of the economy crashing, global strife, and other negative issues fill the majority of these news briefs. Diversifying the posts with more positive pieces might balance out the information.

 • AHG’s inventory is relatively limited compared to other dealers. They offer everyday gold and silver coins, for example. If investors want unique items for their collections, purchasing from another dealer might be a better option.

 Make a Financial Move

 AHG is one of the prominent names in the precious metals industry. They have many famous endorsements and a familiar name for experienced investors. Overall, AHG is a company that will continue to please its clients with quality products and current pricing.

 Investors may be concerned about the negative reviews written on the BBB website. Every business will always have some negative remarks. This fact is especially true when the business works with thousands of clients over the years. Investors should focus on the fact that most negative reviews have a clear response from AHG. Repairing any reputation concerns appears to be a core focus for AHG.

 If investors want to try AHG’s services, start with a small purchase on the website. Take note of how the transaction progresses, for instance. Investors who’re pleased with a small purchase can graduate to a more substantial investment. AHG appears to have a strong reputation and continues to expand with its endeavors. It will certainly be available in the future for further transactions.

 Creating a portfolio with a mixture of assets is the best strategy in any economy. AHG is a company that can assist investors with their investment goals and personal purchases. Precious metals and their historical returns can make a difference in any investor’s portfolio. Starting with a small purchase is a great way to see how AHG operates. They encourage repeat business as precious metals gain value.

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