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If you’ve researched precious metals investing, you have noticed that Gold Alliance receives much attention. Options that allow portfolio diversification make retirement planning a breeze and put precious metals purchases in easy reach matter to investors today. A growing number of people planning for retirement understand the need to invest in multiple types of assets to receive the best returns.

Many consider Gold Alliance as an option because these benefits matter to them. However, setting up a gold or precious metals IRA is a decision that should not be made lightly. Reading reviews that provide some company background and answer questions will make the decision easier, especially with detailed descriptions of customer experiences.

Gold Alliance sells gold, silver, platinum, and palladium products in coin or bar form while offering precious metals IRAs. Many of the precious metals products available include collectible and low-mintage coins that are sometimes harder to find. The coins also include some of the most popular IRA options.

The founders started this company to give hardworking Americans access to precious metals investments. One of Gold Alliance’s top goals is reintroducing investors to precious metals as a currency type. They also help consumers diversify their retirement portfolios with precious metals purchases. The way that most people diversify their retirement portfolios is by starting IRAs with precious metals.

Gold Alliance was founded by Joseph Sherman, Kevin Troy, and Fred Abadi in 2002. Joseph is also a founding member of the Industry Council for Tangible Assets (ICTA), the National Ethics Association (NEA), and the Precious Metals Retail Association (PMA). Joseph, a University of Tel Aviv graduate, has written articles and given lectures about preparedness for financial disruptions since 2016.

Kevin Troy is a San Diego State University graduate who earned his Marketing degree with honors. Kevin’s career credentials include working for JP Morgan Chase and one of San Diego’s biggest mortgage brokers. The dot-com crash prompted Kevin to focus his work on assisting people with protecting their savings using precious metals.

Fred Abadi is a California State University, Northridge graduate with a Business Management degree. As part of Global VR’s leadership, Fred raised revenues by over 40%. His work in precious metals is an example of his versatility across several industries and effective leadership skills.

Investment Products

If you have an existing IRA or 401K account, you can use the funds to start a precious metals IRA through Gold Alliance. Although many precious metals coins have a high demand among collectors, the earnings from selling those coins are low compared to possible IRA yields. Precious metals have more price stability than other types of currency, offering better protection again major losses.

As with any other type of IRA, the interest prices may vary. However, most investors with one of these IRAs will have excellent chances of a steady retirement income. Gold and silver have historically shown value increases compared to U.S. dollars.

The company keeps track of current precious metals prices as determined by commodities markets. You can review the prices to see which metal might give you the desired return. One of the refreshing things is not having the uncertainty of stocks and bonds.

Many investors appreciate being able to choose between gold and silver when using a precious metals IRA. Some opt to open both types of IRAs to increase their earnings potential. Account representatives can help investors determine which path is the best one to take.

Precious metals IRAs have the potential to protect against catastrophic stock market-related losses associated with stock and bond-backed IRAs. When the financial crisis in 2008 occurred, retirement accounts declined 50%, only rebounding years after. Some of these accounts had many decades’ worth of savings, and account holders close to retirement had little chance of rebuilding their savings.

Gold, silver, and other precious metals are not affected by changes in the dollar’s value. Because these metals are inflation-proof, they are safer for portfolios than assets dependent on the dollar. Metals have historically kept or increased their value over time.

The types of IRAs that you can fund with precious metals are self-directed IRAs. Rather than having an advisor pick paper commodities for you, you can choose approved physical precious metals products. There are options among the four types of metals Gold Alliance carries that have been approved for IRAs.

Once you’ve set up your account, you can transfer money to your custodian to fund your IRA. Qualified retirement account types include IRAs, annuities, 401k, 401a and 403b accounts, and 457 accounts. You will receive a confirmation when the funds have been transferred.

After your funds transfer, your account representative will help you select the coins and bars you want. The company will help you with the necessary paperwork. This paperwork must be properly completed to conform to necessary regulations.

Gold and Silver Coins

Investors have an excellent selection that they can choose from when buying from Gold Alliance. The coins have guarantees of purity and quality from the issuing governments. Such guarantees are crucial for verifying the metals’ purity. Buyers purchasing coins for private collections will have better chances of getting reasonable prices for their metals.

Multiple metal types, including common bullion and 90% silver, are available to buyers. Customers must call about pricing to verify the current costs because these vary with market conditions. Read on to learn more about the different kinds of coins offered and how they may meet your goals.


Gold is among the most popular precious metals, particularly with IRA investors. Many of these coins use common bullion, one of the most popular materials among collectors. Some of the most coveted gold options include:


Many investors find silver a commodity worthy of use in their IRAs. Some of the most popular coins are 90% silver, which also has a high collector demand. Silver options on this site include:


The only palladium product that Gold Alliance carries is the 1 oz Palladium Bar from Credit Suisse. This bar is IRA-eligible, making it a wise choice for investors. The cost of palladium has long been considered recession and inflation-proof.


Platinum is one of the most popular precious metals because these products are often used in precious metals IRAs. An investment in this metal is wise because of its projected growth in value. The Essayeur Fondeur Platinum Bar 1 oz is available, as well as these:

Gold Alliance Blog

The company’s blog may help you decide whether stepping into the precious metals market is a good choice for you. These posts have in-depth information that might answer some of your questions. If any of these posts don’t answer a question, an account representative can provide clarification.

Some of the content you can browse on this blog includes news on recent court rulings and legislation affecting precious metals investors. Posts describe the benefits of investing in specific metals, as well as metals in general.

You can access the most recent blog posts on the main Gold Alliance Blog. A helpful feature is each post provides an approximate reading time. Knowing how long it takes to read a post helps you decide how much time you have to devote to your research.

Get More Information from the Free Guide

The “Gold & Silver Information Kit” is a free resource on the website. This information includes risk reduction with precious metals, growth opportunities, and possible benefits with or without IRAs. Interested buyers or investors can receive this information by completing a helpful form. Once you have the information, you can browse it on your time so you know what to expect.

A phone number and email address are required to receive this information. Your contact information is used to help provide a more personalized experience. Gold Alliance protects its customers’ and inquirers’ personal information following state and federal law.

Are There Any Gold Alliance Red Flags?

Some sites we searched for Gold Alliance reviews include the Better Business Bureau (BBB), Google, the Business Consumer Alliance, and Trustpilot. We were unable to find TrustLink reviews. Although information from this site would have been helpful, the sets with reviews have major name recognition.

We found it reasonable that the majority of these sites had reviews. A company that has been around since 2002 should have a lot of reviews, and a sufficient number is available. A selection of reviews with good and bad points gives most investors the information that matters.

The ratings available from these sites are all 4-star or better. Although not having a TrustLink rating available was mildly disappointing, we were comfortable using this site anyway. What we read on the other sites gave us confidence in this company’s ability to meet important needs.

Is Gold Alliance a Scam?

Based on our research, Gold Alliance is a legitimate company. Besides being in business for over 20 years, the company has founders with extensive experience in the precious metals and financial sectors. Even though experience is not the only important factor, it has the most influence on a majority of consumers.

We are confident in recommending Gold Alliance with a couple of important caveats. This company has enough reviews to give investors a good idea of the positives and negatives. Although TrustLink has no reviews for this business, we appreciate that precious metals have a smaller market than many other products, leading to fewer reviews overall.

We had a problem with investors having to navigate through multiple pages to find who the preferred custodian and depository for IRAs are. The custodian, Equity Trust, and depository, Delaware Depository Services Company, are well-known; most investors would feel relieved knowing that. Gold Alliance handles the paperwork for these companies, saving investors time.


Pros & Cons



The Final Verdict

Would we recommend Gold Alliance, with all things considered? There are enough reviews about the company for prospective customers to decide, despite lacking reviews on TrustLink. Based on this information, we believe this company meets and exceeds consumer expectations for precious metals companies.

However, if you prefer a precious metals company that offers custodian and storage services in-house, you will need to look elsewhere. Gold Alliance works with trusted partners to ensure a satisfactory experience, but we understand that some prefer to have these services in one location. This company is a good choice if you are okay working with a company that outsources its IRA services, although we think there are better choices available for investors interested in precious metals.

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