Is Goldco Legit?

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Generating wealth and saving for retirement is the ultimate goal for investors, and there are many ways to achieve these objectives. However, precious metals seem to have the most benefits among investments, and individual retirement plans funded by gold or other metals can generate value over time at a steady pace. Adding precious metals to an investment portfolio diversifies it, and the customer can get a safety net for the unexpected.

Many stocks and bonds don’t perform as investors desire, but with precious metals, they have a less risky choice to add to their portfolio without becoming apprehensive. And anyone can invest in these metals at any age to generate wealth or save for their golden years.

Goldco is a popular gold seller that offers many precious metals products for individual retirement accounts or home storage. Assessing all Goldco has to provide customers helps them determine if the company meets their expectations.

Goldco is a precious metals seller established in 2011 in Los Angeles, California. The business sells precious metals via phone and in their Los Angeles location. Investors can purchase precious metals through an individual retirement plan or outright. 

As of 2023, Goldco maintains a 4.82-star rating and A+ rating on the Better Business Bureau, with 34 customer complaints in the last three years and 18 in the previous twelve months.

The BBB and Consumer Affairs accredit the company, and it maintains 5-star ratings on Trustpilot, Trustlink, and Google. Chuck Norris and Sean Hannity are among the company’s celebrity endorsers who highly recommend the gold seller to their fans.

What Can Customers Buy from Goldco?

Goldco has a vast inventory of gold, platinum, and silver. Among their popular gold items are Washington Monument, Australian Striped Marlin, American Eagle bullion and proofs, Canadian Maple Leaf, Wright Flyer, Freedom and Hope, Australian Sea Turtle, First Moon Landing, and Independence Hall.

Customers find Canadian Maple Leaf, Canadian Grizzly Bear, Canadian Polar Bear, North American Bald Eagle, Franklin Half Dollars, Guinea Rose Crown, and Kennedy Half Dollars in the company’s silver products. Customers can also find Austrian Philharmonic, Bottlenose Dolphin, American Eagles, and Canadian Maple Leaf platinum coins and bullion.

Does Goldco Offer IRAs?

Goldco offers individual retirement accounts that customers can fund with precious metals. These future savings opportunities enable investors to start accounts through an IRS-approved custodian and choose their own depository for storing the gold, silver, or platinum.

The organization doesn’t impose any restrictions on what parties set up the accounts for the clients, and investors maintain more control over their retirement savings and related fees. However, if the customers want Goldco to set up the account, they have IRA specialists that process the documentation and open the account for a minimal fee.

Customers can click the “Request Free Kit” under the “Precious Metals IRA” tab to get started. Goldco discloses all details for opening the retirement account and may provide fee-related information to help customers make a well-informed decision. The entire process is easy to follow. Customers choose the IRA type they want, open an account through Goldco, and hire a custodian.

Their custodian acts as a liaison between all parties, including the client, their original IRA provider, and Goldco. If they want to purchase more metals in the future from Goldco to fund the IRA, the client discusses these requirements with their custodian.

Remember that Goldco has a minimum investment amount of $25,000. When transferring or rolling money over from a separate account, the client must at least transfer this minimum investment amount. Goldco charges a $50 fee for opening the IRA, and there is a $30 fee for the wire transfer to fund it.

These costs reflect the initial expenses for opening the account; Goldco doesn’t have any further information about related fees, such as processing more precious metals purchases the customer wants to transfer to the IRA later. Custodians and depositories charge fees, too, and the customer should inquire about these costs before they begin to ensure they have adequate capital for the investment upfront.

Financing Options for Precious Metals Purchases

While there isn’t any information about financing on the Goldco website, many reviews state that the company offers some financing for precious metals purchases. It is best to call the company directly to find out more about these financing opportunities and determine payment amounts and the credit line amount available to customers.

Does Goldco Have Deals for Clients?

As of 2023, Goldco offers a waiver on the first year’s expenses for IRAs if the customer provides an investment of at least $50,000. The company offers a three-year waiver if they invest at least $100,000. These savings can help customers manage their costs for their initial investment choices and perhaps invest more by avoiding these fees.

How to Get Started

How Do Customers Buy Metals Outright from Goldco?

Goldco has images of their precious metals on the company website, and prospective customers can review the types and quality of the products. If the customer knows what they want to buy, they can visit the physical location or call a customer service precious metals specialist to set up a Goldco account.

The company caters to clients who want to set up an individual retirement account, but they do offer direct sales. The company website doesn’t specify what payment amounts Goldco accepts, but most gold sellers require bank wire transfers for purchases over $10,000.

Customers will set up an account, make their selections, and send the payment as directed by the customer service precious metals specialist. There is a market loss penalty for canceled orders, and the precious metals specialist will provide details about the percentage of the purchase amount the customer must pay if they cancel. As of 2023, there isn’t any information about a return policy for Goldco on the company’s website.

All Goldco products are shipped in discreet packaging to prevent anyone from knowing what is in the package. These safety measures can keep the parcels more secure for the customers and prevent potential theft. Goldco applies insurance coverage for all precious metals they ship, and the precious metals specialist discloses all shipping expenses when the order is placed.

The insurance applies from departure until they arrive at the customer’s location or their preferred depository. Customers who want precious metals shipped to their homes must sign a delivery slip for the packages when they arrive.

Does Goldco Offer a Buyback Program?

Yes, Goldco has a buyback program for previous customers. The precious metals specialists can access the customer’s account to determine what precious metals were purchased previously. If the customer sells these metals, the precious metals specialists can review their products and determine a buyback price based on the quantity and the current market price.

Once the customer receives a price quote from Goldco, they ship their metals to the address provided by Goldco and use a prepaid shipping label. Workers at Goldco review the precious metals according to their inspection protocols and determine if the metals are in the appropriate condition.

Once the metals pass the inspection, Goldco contacts the customer to secure the price and send the payment if the customer accepts the offer. Goldco doesn’t specify on its website what payment methods they provide, but most gold sellers send a check or wire transfers when buying precious metals through a buyback program

Clients must coordinate these efforts through their custodians if they want to sell or liquidate metals in their IRA. IRA owners cannot contact Goldco directly to sell any precious metals associated with an individual retirement account. Custodians collect the proceeds from the sales and manage tax implications as directed by the IRS. Roth IRAs are individual retirement accounts that do not require tax payments for distributions during retirement.

What to Keep in Mind When Selling Precious Metals

All gold sellers add a markup to their products, so customers will not likely find precious metals at the exact market price. When buying precious metals from customers, most gold companies deduct their potential profits from their quotes. Remember that these businesses are trying to profit, and customers won’t receive the total market price for all items. Before selling precious metals, customers should get quotes from their top gold companies and compare these amounts before making a final decision.

Storing Precious Metals Through Goldco

According to Goldco reviews, the company offers storage options for precious metals. According to the reviews, Goldco has two storage options: $100 a year for storing metals with other customers’ products or $150 to get private storage space for gold, silver, or platinum. Goldco doesn’t charge storage fees if the customer invests more than $25,000.

What Are the Advantages and Disadvantages of Goldco?

The advantages of Goldco start with celebrity endorsements and positive customer reviews. Ben Stein is yet another celebrity that recommends Goldco to viewers and fans. The company has a straightforward buying process for direct sales and IRAs. Customers can call about setting up an account or to get answers to their questions. 

A live chat feature is available 24 hours a day for customers who don’t want to wait until business hours. The chat feature provides access to investment experts who can answer questions about new ventures or other opportunities available to clients.

The company’s products are high-quality, and there doesn’t seem to be a limit on how much customers can buy at once. However, there is a minimum purchase amount when setting up an IRA; some customers may not have the capital to meet this prerequisite. Customers cannot buy online at their leisure, and they are limited to call-in orders or visiting the company’s physical location.

Protecting Precious Metals Investments in the Future

Planning for the future requires IRA owners to set up safeguards for their wealth. The unexpected could happen, and they must have a plan in place to protect their assets. When setting up their individual retirement account, they should work with their custodian and estate attorney to ensure that their family receives proceeds from their account should the owner die before using all the monetary assets.

Choosing a beneficiary when setting up the IRA can help the owner secure the asset for their family. Rolling over the balance into an inherited IRA can give the beneficiary access to the precious metals or any proceeds from liquidating the account.

IRA owners can also protect their wealth further through estate planning options. If their estate goes through probate, any retirement accounts they have go through the probate court, too. A careful way to avoid this is to set up a trust and place the account in the trust to give several family members access to it if the owner doesn’t use the total amount during retirement.

The News and Articles Tab

Under the “News and Articles” tab, visitors find many articles and news stories about investing in precious metals and other ways to generate wealth, saving for retirement, and more. The posts are updated regularly to ensure all information is up-to-date and accurate. This section is a valuable resource for seasoned and first-time investors. It also has a search feature to help visitors find specific information about investing, including tips about Social Security, political effects, and central banks.

Visitors can also find downloadable investing guides and related topics in this section. They can gain a wealth of knowledge by visiting the company’s website page and securing these guides. For instance, someone who has never invested before can decide if precious metals are the best strategy for them and when the best time to invest is.

Reviews Tab

Visitors can learn what previous customers say about Goldco by clicking on the “Reviews” tab. Several positive customer reviews praise the company, its products, and its IRA program. Prospective customers can find more customer reviews on Google, Trustpilot, Trustlink, and the Better Business Bureau. Customer complaints on the BBB may present investors with a few red flags and details they should know before becoming a Goldco customer.

The Company Newsletter

Goldco offers a company newsletter and email marketing materials for customers. Signing up for the newsletter is easy; visitors can find the signup box on the “News and Articles” page. All they must do is provide their email address, and the company sends the newsletter and updated information about products and special offers.   Some customers may receive discounts according to how often they buy precious metals and how much they purchase. Top customers may receive a wealth of deals and offers by signing up for email marketing materials through the newsletter signup option.

The About Tab

The “About” Tab offers the company history and details about what Goldco has to provide investors. Anyone curious about the company can find out how it was formed, who owns the company, and when the company changes its services. The same tab offers job postings for anyone with experience selling precious metals and understanding how individual retirement plans work. The company updates this information often to keep visitors and prospective workers updated about new opportunities with the business.

Tracking Gold Prices

Under the “Buy Gold and Silver” Tab, there is a chart offering information about precious metals prices and how much they’ve increased over the years. Tracking gold, silver, and platinum prices helps customers determine when to buy or sell precious metals. Market prices increase or decrease according to fluctuations in the market. Customers can also check the NASDAQ to determine if these listed prices offer the most updated information.

Live Chat Feature

The Live Chat feature lets visitors speak to a precious metals expert to inquire about products or to get answers to general questions. If the visitor is a current customer, they may need to provide some personal details for the precious metals specialists to access their account. Precious metals experts can provide fast answers to enhance the customer’s experience on the Goldco website.


Goldco is the best gold seller offering individual retirement accounts funded with precious metals. According to customer reviews, the company provides excellent customer service and high-quality products. Customers can buy precious metals via phone or at the company’s Los Angeles location. 

The company website offers many terrific features to help first-time and seasoned investors find answers and set up or add to their individual retirement accounts. Their individual retirement accounts can provide a steady way to build wealth or achieve a preferred lifestyle.

The company offers specialists who can guide customers through all steps to create and fund the account. The specialists can address issues and help customers avoid mistakes.  Goldco offers gold, silver, and platinum to investors, and anyone who wants to set up an IRA can request a free kit to get started. 

The minimum investment amount required to open a Goldco IRA is $25,000. A few deals are available to customers to help them save on related fees and get more out of their ventures. Examining the company and comparing it to other gold sellers shows investors that Goldco is the best choice for their precious metals investments.

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